Blue Panther Bluegrass

Jonathan Green’s Blue Panther® Kentucky Bluegrass Grass Seed grows a sod-quality lawn from seed. Use this seed mixture to overseed a thinning lawn that was previously planted with Kentucky bluegrass sod. Blue Panther® contains the very best Kentucky bluegrasses currently grown by leading sod growers and on golf courses across America. 

Blue Panther lawns are dark-green in color, very uniform in leaf texture and can withstand high traffic. Kentucky bluegrass has a horizontally spreading rhizome root system which results in bare spots being filled in, thickening the entire lawn. Use our Blue Panther® when you want to keep a 100% Kentucky bluegrass lawn. This seed germinates in 14-21 days.

Key product features

Grass Color:  Dark green

Recommended Planting Months:  For cool season grasses

Mid-August through mid-October
Mid-March through mid-May 

Sun Tolerance:  Excellent

Shade Tolerance:  Fair

Light Requirements:  Full sun to partial shade (4 -8 hours of sun)

Drought Tolerance:  Good

Insect & Disease Resistance:  Fair

High Traffic Tolerance:  Good

March-mid June or August-October


Jonathan Green Black Beauty Tall Fescue


Blue Panther PURE Bluegrass

600 sqft per pallet

250 sqft per BIG ROLL

​​​Black Beauty® Ultra Mixture

Black Beauty® Ultra is a mixture that is most similar to what is found on sod farms.  Black Beauty® Ultra possesses species diversity and contains exclusive, elite varieties of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.  These grasses grow a naturally dark-green and beautiful lawn with excellent heat and drought tolerance.  Black Beauty Ultra® will improve any lawn that it is overseeded into.  

Key product features:

– Roots that can grow up to 4 feet deep for drought tolerance
– Germinates in about 14 days
– Disease resistant cultivars
– Ideal for sunny and shady areas
– Can be seeded into any existing lawn
– Invisible waxy coating on leaves preserves moisture when hot
– Vibrant, dark green color

Grass Type:  Tall Fescues & Kentucky Bluegrass

Grass Color:  Dark green

Recommended Planting Months:  For cool season grasses

 Mid-August through mid-October
 Mid-March through mid-May

Sun Tolerance:  Excellent

Shade Tolerance:  Excellent

Light Requirements:  Full sun to partial shade (4 – 8 hours of sun)

Drought Tolerance:  Excellent

Insect & Disease Resistance:  Good

High Traffic Tolerance:  Good
When to apply:

March-mid June or August-October

Green-Up Lawn Food for Seeding and Sodding 12-18-8

Use when seeding, overseeding or sodding.  This high phosphorus formula helps to build a vigorous root system and gets new grass plantings off to a fast start for a thicker, greener lawn. Use under new sod lawn installations. Contains 1% iron for deep-greening and 30% slow-release nitrogen.  Contains humates for root development.

Key Product Features:

– Makes new seed and sod grow quicker and thicker
– Apply anytime that seed or sod is used
– Builds strong hearty root systems
– Feeds lawns for up to 2 months

Visit our Seeding Guide for complete seeding directions.
How to apply:

Apply to a dry lawn before a rain or water in after application. If the lawn is under stress from lack of rainfall, disease or heat, or if air temperatures are 85° or higher, do not apply this product, as turf injury may occ