We have over 800 acres of sod. We deliver sod to our customers with our own equipment. Call us for a quote.

Tall Fescue - This broader leaf, turf type sod is shade and sun tolerant. It will stand up to traffic, making it ideal for pool areas and back yards. The fescue requires less maintenance than other types of sod, and tends to be more forgiving in times of drought. Though all sod requires about an inch of water per day until it is established, the fescue will stand up to harsher conditions than some other varieties.

Blue Grass - This is a showier variety of sod, making this finer bladed grass ideal for landscaping around buildings and homes. This type, however, is less tolerant of drought conditions than the fescue, and requires a little more maintenance until the roots are established. The blue grass does best in full sun, and will not tolerate shade, or high traffic areas.


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